Arushi Jain: Under the Lilac Sky review | Ammar Kalia’s global album of the month

(Leaving Records)
The composer blends classical Indian vocals and modular synth drones into harmonic textures full of warming solace

For every raga there is a time. Traditionally, the Indian classical form is composed with a specific time of day in mind, and only then is each raga meant to reveal the height of its melodic beauty to the listener.

Indian American composer Arushi Jain weaves her diasporic identity into this notion of timely ragas in her debut album, Under the Lilac Sky. Composed for the sunset, it blends Jain’s training as an Indian classical vocalist with modular synth work inspired by the likes of American composers Suzanne Ciani and Terry Riley into six ambient arrangements that reflect the transition from day to night.

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