Atlanta’s hip-hop Halloween: where haunted houses go from rap to roaches

The city’s Netherworld is one of the biggest haunted houses in the US. But this year, rapper 2 Chainz has collaborated on a rival attraction – the Haunted Pink Trap House – with gritty results

Photography by Ben Rollins

It’s a warm October evening, and I am standing by a pink-painted car next to a deserted parking lot off a highway in Newnan, Atlanta. Bathed in the friendly glow of the setting sun, it feels as though nothing bad could happen here. But inside the low brick building with its bright pink portico, dreadful things occur once the sun goes down. In an hour or so, screams will echo across the lot and the revving of chainsaws will tear through the evening air.

A car pulls up in a spray of gravel and two extremely excited women tumble out and run towards me. “Can we sit on it?” they ask expectantly, indicating the lurid pink vehicle. Mother and daughter Jomine and DeJanay have driven from Detroit to be at the Haunted Pink Trap House, a Halloween collaboration between well-established local scare attraction 13 Stories and Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz.

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