Booze, blood and Berghain: is Beat the first TV show to truly get club culture?

Amazon’s new drama is set in Berlin’s perma-thriving techno scene and, though a bit daft, manages to capture what modern clubbing feels like

Amazon Prime’s latest glossy European drama acquisition, Beat, starts badly. Terribly, in fact. Over a soundtrack of the kind of inert pseudo-dance music that usually accompanies the loading screen of a faux-edgy PS2 racing game, we’re told that with the dedication of nightclubs to preserving the allegedly innate importance of rhythm and sound, visiting a one is a little like returning to the womb.

The person giving us this lesson in nightlife ontology is Robert “Beat” Schlag, a promoter in Berlin’s perma-thriving techno scene. Responsible for keeping the patrons of Club Sonar in mechanistic minimal, he’s a line-huffing, pill-popping party animal. This being 2018, it isn’t all fun, frivolity, and wanton sex (though there is a lot of that, too).

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