Bros: After the Screaming Stops review – reunion doc cranks the cringe up to 11

Toe-curling levels of self-importance add a wincingly funny edge to this documentary about the reunion of an 80s boyband

For various reasons, my screaming was pretty much continuous throughout this bizarre and perhaps unintentionally gripping promo-doc about the stressful reunion of 80s boyband Bros: Matt and Luke Goss, back together in 2017 for one night only at London’s O2 Arena for their 30th anniversary.

Now they are in their 50s, with a slight resemblance to Benedict Cumberbatch, who might want to play them in the feature-film version. (The title is taken from the sly question once put to them in their pomp by Terry Wogan: what would they do when the screaming stopped?) If you can imagine a Traveling Wilburys-type combo of Alan Partridge on drums, Nigel Tufnel on guitar and David Brent on vocals (and maybe Les McQueen as manager), you’ll have some idea of the tragicomic self-importance summoned up by the Bros reunion and the extraordinarily solemn thoughts being shared by the brothers in the runup to the big show. We aren’t privy to the discussions that led to this reunion. Perhaps we needed a Mrs Merton-style interview to discover what first attracted them to the idea. And the film skates over the existence of Craig Logan, the bassist and third Bros member, who quit to go into management.

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