Christeene’s full-frontal assault: ‘There’s no such thing as a safe space!’

… certainly not with Christeene around, the feral drag firebrand whose aim is to expose hypocrisy and intolerance – with the aid of throbbing electronica and flying butt plugs

The staff at London restaurant Bistroteque have some work to do before they open for service. The tables may be set, the menus printed – but splayed across the grand piano, wearing a torn muscle vest, stilettos and not much else is Christeene – the punk/drag artist described as “Beyoncé on bath salts” whose musical oeuvre includes such family-friendly hits as Fix My Dick, Tears from My Pussy and Butt Muscle.

“It’s so clean in here,” she says in her deep south drawl, hopping off the piano to take her place at one of the pristine white tables. “I hope ahh don’t leave too much smudge.

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