Colin Lane’s best photograph: the cover of the Strokes’ Is This It

‘The day the album came out, there’s a photo of me grinning in front of a rack of them in Virgin Records. I think my ex-girlfriend was pleased too. I’ve never revealed her identity’

It was late 1999 or 2000. I had spent the day on a fashion shoot, and my apartment was littered with clothes and props. My girlfriend jumped out of the shower while I was messing around with a Big Shot Polaroid, a clunky, plastic box camera that I found in my parents’ attic. She was pretty beat, but I had 10 Polaroids that needed using, I had found this amazing Chanel glove and so she agreed to pose.

Shooting on a Big Shot isn’t easy: you can only shoot from a specific distance, and it’s really designed for head-and-shoulders portraits. But when she slid the glove on and bent forward, I knew it was the perfect shot – simple, straightforward, graphic and just so sexy. When I developed it, I stuck it in my portfolio and thought nothing more of it.

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