Danny L Harle: Harlecore review – big, dumb escapist fun

(Mad Decent)
Go clubbing from room to virtual room with this dizzyingly immersive affair from the producer and assorted mystery guests

With clubs still closed, dance producers are having to get creative. This gonzo 13-track opus from PC Music affiliate Danny L Harle also soundtracks an interactive club experience featuring four distinct “rooms”, covering gabber, hardcore, ambient and makina, a frenetic subgenre of hardcore techno. Each genre comes with a guest producer working under a ludicrous pseudonym (MC Boing, anyone?), plus a handful of equally secretive guest vocalists.

Shorn of the visuals, it makes for a chaotic, occasionally migraine-inducing 40 minutes. Just as you get comfortable with one of the album’s moods, it tilts on its axis again. So the euphoric sugar-rush of techno banger On a Mountain is mischievously corrupted by the pummelling, 180bpm Piano Song, while For So Long – one of two palate-cleansing ambient pieces – barely has time to unfurl before being bulldozed by Shining Stars’ elasticated happy hardcore.

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