Eminem: Kamikaze review – middle-aged gripes aired with blazing skill

The hooks are middling and the moans at his critics get tedious – but a flurry of brutal potshots at witless SoundCloud rappers prove Eminem can still hit exhilarating heights

Eminem’s 10th album arrived on streaming services, without any pre-emptory buildup, accompanied by a nonchalant tweet from the 45-year-old rapper: “I tried not 2 overthink this 1 … enjoy.” It’s a theme reiterated within the opening seconds of the album: “I’m just gonna write down my first thoughts,” he mutters, “and see where it takes me.”

Not for the first time in his career, it’s easy to feel that Marshall Mathers III is being slightly disingenuous. Kamikaze is fairly obviously the product of a great deal of thinking indeed, largely of the stewing and fulminating variety. Clearly a not man at ease with the sanity-salving concept of Not Reading The Comments, virtually the entirety of its 45-minute running time is consumed with complaining about the cool reception afforded to his last album – 2017’s weak and audibly confused Revival – and bemoaning the current state of hip-hop.

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