Enrique Iglesias review – charming crowdpleaser gives fans what they want

O2 Arena, London
Playing up to his Latin lover image, the star bestows kisses and blessings on the crowd, along with his ballads and stadium pop hits

Midway through the London leg of his greatest hits tour, Enrique Iglesias asks for a member of the audience to join him on stage. Ignoring the desperate pleas of his female fans, he alights on a man called Dan. Dan is offered a swig from the bottle of booze that Iglesias is apparently keeping to hand for medicinal purposes (“I’m just having a gargle,” he explains), before Iglesias enquires who he’s here with. Dan, it transpires, is here with his girlfriend. Iglesias looks momentarily crestfallen. “She made you come to this show, didn’t she?” he sighs.

Dan assures him otherwise, but it was an educated guess. With his career now into its third decade, the gender imbalance in Iglesias’s audience seems every bit as pronounced as it did when he played the Royal Albert Hall 16 years ago and felt obliged to congratulate the handful of gentlemen present on their fortitude: “A lotta guys won’t come to see Enrique because they think it’s cissy, and there’s a word for that – insecurity.” Clearly, the capital’s male population are still racked with self-doubt when it comes to Iglesias Jr, who continues to be unnecessarily handsome in his 40s. If Dan is indeed here entirely of his own volition, one suspects he is in a minority. The crowd definitely skews female, the air is rent with screams from the moment Iglesias appears on stage through a trapdoor and they only get louder as the evening wears on.

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