Felicita: the producer confronting Polish identity through pop

As a child, felicita was embarrassed by the ‘uncool’ world of Polish folk dance – but blended with his experimental pop, it became a way to explore Anglo-Polish frictions

“This whole thing is not about reviving folk cuture,” says felicita in reference to the impulse behind his debut album, Hej!, a surreal opus combining garish and fractured pieces of pop with a newfound appreciation for Slavic dance. “It’s about finding ways to make new ideas. At times I was imagining: if there was a Pixar about medieval Poland, what would the soundtrack sound like?”

The London-based producer is speaking through video chat from under the stairs of a studio, his mop of black hair parted in the centre, sitting slightly hunched as he talks to his phone screen while trying to catch the wifi. He’s a petite person with a formidable portfolio of music for millennials, a hyper-cute hardcore style that surfaced in a debut EP called (>’.’)># in 2013. That was followed by Frenemies in 2014, and A New Family, dropped via London’s PC Music, two years later. Hej! came out on the same label this month, but is a wildly different proposition.

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