Hip-hop restaurants: Australia’s popular yet polarising food trend

As a growing number of Instagram-friendly burger and fried chicken joints pay homage to the US subculture, some people are finding the marketing gimmick hard to stomach

Pop into one of the many trendy burger joints that dot Australia’s inner cities and chances are you’ll find one of the following: an oversized mural of an American rapper; a colourful graffiti homage to hip-hop slang; speakers churning out tunes by Biggie Smalls, 2Pac or Snoop Dogg; and a menu item called a “Cheezy Yeezy” (after Kanye West) or “The Ghostface” (Ghostface Killah).

Over the past few years, hip-hop themed eateries seem to have popped up everywhere. The food focuses largely on burgers and fried chicken, like at Milky Lane and 4 Ounces, but the trend has started moving into other cuisines too.

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