Imagine Dragons: Origins review – rock-pop cliches and cod profundities

The most streamed rock band in the world may want us to believe they are angry philosophers, but the reality doesn’t change a gilt-edged mainstream formula

If you like mind-bending statistics, then Imagine Dragons are very much the band for you. Their EDM-infused 2012 saga of apocalyptic dread, Radioactive, is the longest-running single in the history of the Billboard charts: 87 weeks on the Top 100. They are the most-streamed rock band in the world, with 37.5m monthly listeners on Spotify: stitch that, Coldplay, with your paltry 27.5m. Their debut album, Night Visions, spent five years on the US charts, the kind of success that enabled people to call its follow-up, Smoke & Mirrors, “commercially underwhelming” because it only sold 1m copies in America. Normal service was resumed with 2017’s Evolve, enticingly described by the band’s lead singer Dan Reynolds, in true caution-to-the-wind, motormouthed style, as “a more palatable album for this generation and this time period”. It spawned the singles Believer and Thunder, collectively streamed 1.6bn times.

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