Indie-rock star Mitski: ‘I’m waiting for everyone to decide to hate me’

The Japanese American songwriter’s new album has received rave reviews, but she is wary of being put on a pedestal

Mitski Miyawaki is deeply suspicious of her own success. Ever since her third album – the riff-heavy, emotionally charged Bury Me at Makeout Creek – put her on the map in 2014, the buzz around her has hardly let up. In 2016, the album’s critically adored follow-up, Puberty 2, bolstered her already ardent fanbase, and she was invited on tour with alt-rock band Pixies and pop aesthete Lorde. A month ago, Iggy Pop described Mitski as “maybe the most advanced American songwriter that I know”. And throughout all this, she has been waiting “for the tide to turn and everyone to just decide to hate me”.

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