Interstellar overdrive: Pink Floyd take Spandau Ballet on a psychedelic trip

Nick Mason of Pink Floyd is revisiting the band’s acid-drenched years – with Gary Kemp standing in for Syd Barrett. Are they serious?

If you didn’t know who he was, you would never take Nick Mason for one of the most successful rock stars of all time. Aged 74, dressed down in jeans and a white shirt, softly spoken and understated to a fault, he might be taken for a retired businessman, a solicitor or perhaps the architect he was training to be until a career as Pink Floyd’s drummer intervened.

Handily, his surroundings tell his story for you. The walls of Mason’s London office are covered with awards and memorabilia. Some dates back to when Pink Floyd improvised a soundtrack to LSD-fuelled happenings at the UFO Club. And some of it speaks of commercial success on a barely conceivable scale. What I think is a platinum disc turns out to be a 22-times platinum disc: “To commemorate the sale of more than 22 million copies of the album The Wall.”

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