Jason Derulo review – full-beam charisma machine comes on strong

Hydro, Glasgow
Effortlessly combining ballet and kung-fu high kicks, the pop preener’s bare-chested show finds some poetry in priapism

With his laser-sculpted facial hair and endearing habit of singing his own name at the top of songs, Jason Derulo once seemed like the US equivalent of Craig David, even if the ripped Floridian’s industriousness made it almost impossible to imagine him chilling on Sundays. Derulo has now been pumping out radio-targeted, R&B-inflected club bangers for almost a decade. The last time the 29-year-old took any serious time off was an enforced year of physical therapy in 2012 after he almost broke his neck during a dance routine rehearsal.

Derulo’s current arena blowout – ahead of his fifth album due later this year – includes an elaborate routine where he and a brace of female dancers have to run on various Generation Game-style conveyor belts just to stay still. It could be read as a metaphor for modern pop stardom, especially as he makes it all look rather effortless. Initially, though, Derulo presents himself in video interstitials and in person as a triumphant returning warrior king, clad in a furry-shouldered gold breastplate dominated by a protruding lion’s head. Flanked by six dancers in similar battle gear, he looks magnificent, like a genuine streetwise Hercules.

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