Jessie Ware: ‘Music was my bread and butter. Now it isn’t, which has made it more enjoyable’

Back in 2013, the pop star was disillusioned and ready to quit. How did her hit foodie podcast Table Manners put her back in the groove?

You can tell a true-born foodie by their urgency around a menu, and when the musician Jessie Ware meets me for lunch it is at a Middle Eastern restaurant with kitchen smells so good that she visibly quivers with impatience to order. “I’ve always been this way,” says Ware, who was Mercury-nominated for her debut album ‘Devotion’ back in 2012, and has an as-yet-untitled fourth on the way. “I’ve always been controlling in food situations,” she says. “Basically a greedy cow.”

Ware, 35, has strict instructions from her management to talk up the new music instead of banging on about her life-long love of eating, but she is a gastronome to her core and can’t help herself. “OK!” she tells a waiter (imagine the following spoken at rapid pace): “We’ll get the aubergine. And the hummus? Some salad-y things. Which is your favourite out of the feta and the wedge… ? We’ll get grilled halloumi. Ooh, and cauliflower. Is this still working for you? Is this working for me?”

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