Kate Moss’s fags and Joe Strummer’s notes: should we loot the rock star car boot?

Fans can buy Sonic Youth’s kit off a gear-flogging website. When there’s cash to be made from a the rock retrospective exhibition, it’s a risky move

Reverb.com is a strange website. Primarily, it’s a place for musicians to geek through the technology side of their craft. But it has lately developed a sideline in flogging off the gear of the famous. Green Day have sold stuff on there. Moby just disposed of 100 drum machines. Right now, you can buy a vast range of Sonic Youth’s old kit, including more than 100 effects pedals and a blue Fender Precision bass played by both Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore in the group’s heyday.

If you wanted to start a Sonic Youth museum, here’s your chance to buy one off the peg. Yet, at the same time, a band whose legacy is always discussed in breathless tones are symbolically giving up the opportunity to curate that legacy. Perhaps someone else will. In an era when actual music has become devalued, music fans seem to be craving ever more to get close to the stuff.

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