Old music: Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories – Stay (I Missed You)

Lisa Loeb's tale of callow self-absorption has weathered rather better than such contemporaries as Whigfield

Like a young Lamacq or Peel, I stumbled across Stay (I Missed You) in the mid-90s on an underground mixtape called Now 29. I'd bought the compilation on the strength of similar one-hit "wonders" Pato Banton and Whigfield, whose songs I now regard with a turbulent mix of revulsion and nostalgia, the way exiled dictators must remember their war crimes. I think time has been kinder to Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories, and their offering sits somewhere between an obviously embarrassing song loved in youth, and actually quite good. Some lazy Wikipedia research reveals the song placed 93rd on VHS 1's 100 Greatest Songs of the Nineties (only one spot below Public Enemy's 911 Is a Joke).

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