Robyn: Honey review – a sensual odyssey into clubland


Though led by the glistening rush of single Missing U – classic Robyn, and a natural inheritor to her towering Dancing on My Own – the Swedish electropop empress’s eighth album is less a refinement of her pristine sound, more a deep odyssey into the clubby tendencies she explored so well with Röyksopp on Do It Again and The Girl and the Robot. Honey very much finds its own beat though, recalling the work of Róisín Murphy. It’s sensual, warm and glowing, and steeped in dance music history, from the chill deep trance of Send to Robyn Immediately via the sweatily fabulous house of Between the Lines to the deliciously naff Heart of Glass disco bass on Because It’s in the Music, a meta tale of love and pain bound up in a pop song.

Working with collaborators including Metronomy’s Joseph Mount, Kindness and Mr Tophat, rather than try to top her peerless pop peaks, Robyn has instead uncovered a new warmth, and the effect, on the lofty, dark techno of Human Being and the trippy tempo dips of Baby Forgive Me – redolent of lost small hours and fleeting epiphanies during dancefloor marathons – is sweet indeed.

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