Stephen Malkmus on Pavement’s legacy, the Jicks’ ‘metrosexual revolution’ and his favourite guitarist

The former Pavement frontman answered questions on his fly-fishing exploits, Berlin’s nightlife and getting slated by Beavis and Butthead

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Markhex asks:

Does it annoy you that some people come to the shows just to hear Pavement songs? What was behind the decision to play them in the encores of this tour as opposed to playing more Jicks numbers?

It does not annoy me. Maybe if people are calling out for them during the whole set, we would ask you to refrain from that so we could focus on the present moment, which is playing our album. But an encore is a time of just to mess around. There's supposed to be some different field to it, I think, a cover song or something unexpected. So as we started doing them, it's seemingly unexpected, but of course with the internet everyone knows what's coming. So really it's a little golden Easter egg we're throwing out at the end. And it's fun to play for the band, I think. At least, they tell me that. They can play anything, the Jicks. Like I've said, we might as well play our own songs and get the PRS. Ha ha.

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