The Boss on film: a brief history of Bruce Springsteen on screen

Feel-good British comedy Blinded by the Light might be the most complete Springsteen cinematic experience so far but it’s not the first

Music biopics are in no danger of going away. Bohemian Rhapsody’s box office earnings and awarded trophies have either secured or condemned us to more, depending on your point of view. But Bruce Springsteen, the Boss, the Boardwalk Balladeer, “Steinbeck in Leather,” rock n’ roll’s future (according to Jon Landau in 1974) has yet to go the Ray or Rocketman route.

As a longtime admirer (who just happened to grow up in the same New Jersey town as the Boss, don’t make me present documented evidence) I’d like to believe that Springsteen’s humble, working class attitude is keeping eager Hollywood producers at bay. It’s one thing to present an autobiography in story and song in a successful one-man Broadway show. Eight shows a week are practically punching a factory clock! But technicolor big screen picture show treatment just doesn’t jibe with the persona.

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