Tom Morello on Rage Against the Machine, Nigel Farage and being a Trekkie

The guitarist and political firebrand answered your questions on Chris Cornell, Muse and wearing a Star Trek costume to his kids’ school

Thank you all for your thoughtful questioning. Or otherwise. It has been a pleasure engaging with you. I look forward to returning to your shores with the 2019 The Atlas Underground tour, as well as with Prophets of Rage, and until then, I'll see you in the pit. Take it easy, but take it.

GhostWiper asks:

Why are you so fucking cool?

There have been great swathes of my timeline in which cool would not exactly be how I would be described by my peers. There was a long Dungeons and Dragons phase, a lingering Trekkie commitment, a Jheri curl hair situation, and some Spandex nonsense. None of which you might mistake for "cool". I've always looked at it like this - I'm a kid from the Midwest, who loves rock'n'roll and radical politics unapologetically, and while I work in the "cool factory", I never touch the stuff myself.

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