Wayne Kramer: ‘I knew there was more to my story than most’

The guitarist of MC5 discusses his challenging and ultimately redemptive life, as detailed in his new autobiography

Nine out of 10 rock star autobiographies trace the same arc: musician achieves fame, parties too hard, becomes an addict of some sort and yet, in the end, somehow finds redemption. Wayne Kramer, leader of the revolutionary proto-punk band MC5, does double-time mining that well-trodden territory in his new book. Not only was he an addict, he spent over two years in prison for dealing cocaine before plowing a happier path. Yet, along the way, he takes so many rare, and revealing, side-trips, he wound up writing a book as suited to the sociology section as the music aisle.

“I knew there was much more to my story than most,” Kramer, now 70, said.

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