Weezer and Toto: the inside story of music’s unlikely love-in

The two bands have released reciprocal covers of each other’s hits, Hash Pipe and Africa. Toto’s guitarist, Steve Porcaro, reveals how it happened

It is surely the weirdest musical love-in of the year. Geeky emo/power-pop kingpins Weezer covered Toto’s 80s megahit Africa, a love story about the continent, and, in return, the West Coast rock veterans have covered Weezer’s 2001 hit Hash Pipe, a song about a transvestite sex worker.

This improbable meeting of minds began in May, after 15-year-old Mary Klym had spent months spamming Weezer on social media, begging them to cover the Toto smash. “Eventually, they trolled the girl back,” Toto’s keyboard player, Steve Porcaro, chuckles, “by covering our song Rosanna instead of Africa.”

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