Welcome online, Adam Rickitt! Abandoned pop’s digital revival

Some of the biggest 90s and 00s pop hits are now available to stream, thanks to one dogged fan’s Twitter campaign, Pop Music Activism

Until recently, if you wanted to add Adam Rickitt’s Top 5 1999 debut single I Breathe Again – where the ex-soap star makes orgasm sounds over house piano – on to your gym playlist, you were out of luck: the song wasn’t on Spotify. Now though, thanks to the tireless efforts of one surprisingly dogged pop fan, this song, along with numerous other near-forgotten tracks, has finally been given a digital afterlife.

Even the most streaming-shy artists have buckled over the past three years. Taylor Swift, notorious for being Spotify’s biggest agitator, released her latest album Reputation on the service and has also now uploaded her back catalogue. Prince felt that streaming was bad for artists, but much of his discography has appeared on streaming platforms since he died. Adele made her blockbuster album 25 available after about a year; the initially averse Beatles and AC/DC also caved.

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