6 Exciting Things about the Gilmore Girls Reboot from Yanic Truesdale

gilmore girlsThe life of a Grey’s Anatomy fan is not an easy one. We suffer death
after painful death, breakups, plane crashes, rogue gunmen, and
overall misery. Although few things can make up for this emotional
torture, there’s one thing about Grey’s that never fails to deliver:
the music. There’s a reason the show’s soundtrack won a Grammy,
people! Since every heartbreaking moment is accompanied by the most
perfect song, we’ve rounded up all of the tunes that gave us the most
feels (on top of feels, on top of even more feels). Check ’em out!
Of all the quirky supporting characters in Gilmore Girls, perhaps the
most beloved is Michel Gerard. As the uppity French concierge at
Lorelai’s inn, Michel delivers a nonstop stream of eye rolls,
hilariously quotable insults, and an undying love for Celine Dion,
making him one of Lorelai’s funniest friends and a character who fans
are undoubtedly dying to see when the reboot hits Netflix. The man
behind Michel is Canadian actor Yanic Truesdale, and POPSUGAR recently
spoke with him to hear what it’s like to be back with his old Stars
Hollow gang, why he loves playing Michel so much, and how the reboot
is going to capture “the essence” of what people love about Gilmore

From our very good friends over at popsugar.com

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