Albanese might be ‘Too Cocky for his own Good’

Australia News

Sky News host Chris Smith says Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese might be “getting a bit too cocky for his own good”. Mr Smith said after the recent Women’s Weekly story primarily focusing on Mr Albanese’s love life, he was criticised for his “I’m very cool” pose for the cameras, as well as his stylish apparel. “That’s not the Albo I’ve seen at the footy,” Mr Smith said. He also said British broadcaster Piers Morgan was “taken aback” at Mr Albanese’s confidence about the election when the two met at Sky News’ 25th year celebration. “If that’s what a complete stranger gleans from his first meeting with you, it’s fair to say, you’re pretty full of yourself,” Mr Smith said. “Albo might need more going for him than just a streamlined approach to his appearance and his policies. The tide can turn in very uncertain times – a bit of humility always goes a long way.”


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