Should Phil Hogan Have Lost His Job? 

Phil Hogan’s Resignation as EU Trade Commissioner

Claire Brock is joined by Political Correspondent Aoife Moore, Jim O’Callaghan TD, Louise O’Reilly TD and Journalist Donal Lynch to discuss Phil Hogan’s resignation as EU Trade Commissioner and his recent interview in the French newspaper ‘Libération’.
Aoife Moore of The Irish Examiner broke the story of Golfgate in August of 2020. She is not surprised by the recent French interview. Moore points out that the court in Galway has dismissed the charges, citing no laws had been broken. However, she says, at the time the outcry from the public came from a place of the lack of togetherness felt for restrictions of citizens of Ireland and the government.
Jim O’Callaghan TD believes it was a failure of our National interest to lose a Trade Commissioner, Phil Hogan, that we as a country had a disservice unto us losing someone like that in Europe.
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