“We’re Neutral Frauds” Cathal Berry on Irish Neutrality

Ireland’s Political and Military Neutrality

Claire Brock is joined by Cathal Berry TD to discuss Ireland’s political and military neutrality.
Cathal recounts his trip to Paris where he liaised with Finnish and Swedish representatives who told him they would be willing to offer lethal weapons in the fight against the Russian invasion, despite their neutrality.
He states that they see this situation as a self-defence mechanism. As they do not see an end to President Putin’s tank trail, they have to assume that he will continue to invade Western Europe and possibly Finland or Sweden next. They wish to evoke their right to self-defence they are entitled to as neutral states.
Claire points out that neutral status has shifted in definition and the bizarre nature of this.
Cathal Berry believes Ireland has never been neutral, he states “we are just pretenders.” He states that Ireland justifies underfunding our military by proclaiming to be neutral.
He emphasises that Ireland is certainly not politically neutral and that we are focused on embracing Ukraine as a European Union member.
Credit to : Virgin Media Television

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